overhead line

overhead line
подвесная линия

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  • overhead line — noun A wire or cable, suspended between poles, used to distribute power or signals …   Wiktionary

  • Overhead line crossing — An overhead line crossing is the crossing of an obstacle such as a traffic route, a river, a valley or a strait by an overhead power line. The style of crossing depends on the local conditions and regulations at the time the power line is… …   Wikipedia

  • Suez Canal overhead line crossing — Overhead line crossing The Suez Canal overhead line crossing is an important electrical power line built across the Suez Canal in 1998, located in the city of Suez, Suez Governorate, Egypt. It is designed for two 500 kV circuits. Because the… …   Wikipedia

  • Bosporus overhead line crossing III — is the third overhead line crossing of the Bosporus. Bosporus overhead line crossing III is designed for four 420kV circuits, but can be used after some reengineering work also for 800kV lines. The pylons on which the 1884m crossing span is… …   Wikipedia

  • Bosporus overhead line crossing I — The Bosporus overhead line crossing I is the first powerline crossing the Bosporus. It was inaugurated in 1957 and it is designed for 154kV circuits.ee also* List of towersExternal links* http://maps.google.com/maps?q= t=k ie=UTF8 z=18… …   Wikipedia

  • Bosporus overhead line crossing II — is the second powerline across Bosporus. It is designed for two 420kV circuits and it went in service in 1983. See also * List of towers External links * http://maps.google.com/maps?q= t=k ie=UTF8 om=0 z=18 ll=41.177168,29.069846… …   Wikipedia

  • Overhead lines — This article is about the transmission of electrical power to road and rail vehicles. For transmission of bulk electrical power to general consumers, see Electric power transmission. For powerlines mounted on pylons, see overhead power line.… …   Wikipedia

  • Overhead power line — This article is about power lines for general transmission of electrical power. For overhead lines used to power road and rail vehicles, see Overhead lines. Transmission lines in Lund, Sweden …   Wikipedia

  • line — линия HVAC transmission line branch line electric power transmission line electric power line electric transmission line frost line high tension line high voltage AC transmission line high voltage line overhead line …   Pipeline dictionary

  • Line A (Rome Metro) — Line A Overview Type Rapid transit System Rome Metro Locale Rome, Italy …   Wikipedia

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